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Nothing seems to be as simple or straightforward as I plan it. I was planning to write about my first interaction between Python and Db2 and post it about 2 weeks ago and here I am, writing excuses and apologies.

Yes, I am learning, documenting what I learn but is not yet in the form of a blog post. I am debating about the topic too: Python and Db2 or ILE RPG – my first steps. I am learning both and I am enjoying both so most likely I’ll write about them soon.

Now, as the title says, in the meanwhile I would love to share my interview with IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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2 thoughts on “In the meanwhile…

  1. Very interesting you blog about Python or RPG working under os400 I will like to see about your research with respect to the topics and possible relation with web services, api and json-table accesing and transfering data from iSeries away to web client

    1. Thank you once again for your comments! My idea for is to keep going on my learning journey.
      Right now I am learning Node.js. This will eventually lead me to consuming APIs (accessing Db2) from different environments.
      I will share what I learn.

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